About Me

stud.picHi! I’m a Researcher at the Data-knowledge Integration Research Team, Artificial Intelligence Research Center (AIRC), National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). My field of study is natural language processing and, in particular, machine translation (MT). The topic of my thesis was MT system combination, but apart from that, I’ve also done work on neural MT and multi-word expressions in MT.

In my spare time, I ride bicycles, swim, run, take photos, and do small software and hardware hacking projects. I also like technology and gadgets, rock music, Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards, anime and traveling.

On this website, I maintain a set of my favorite photos that I have taken over the years. Once or twice per year, some get added and others get removed. A wider range of my photos can be found in Keda.


  • Doctor of Computer Science, University of Latvia, 2019
  • Master of Computer Science, University of Latvia, 2014
  • Bachelor of Computer Science, University of Latvia, 2012

Research Interests:

  • Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics
  • Machine Translation, Neural MT, Document-level MT
  • Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Sequence-to-Sequence Models


Participation in Projects:

Fun Personal Projects:

  • TwitĒdiens – analysis of Latvian tweets about eating and food
  • NLP Tools – a set of my NLP tools and/or demos with links to the related GitHub repositories

Social Networks: